fabindia online shopping

Fabindia Online Shopping

Fabindia is India’s largest private marketplace for products manufactured with traditional techniques, skills, and manual labor. Fabindia connects over 55,000 rural craft producers to modern metropolitan markets, building a foundation for skilled, long-term rural employment while also preserving India’s traditional handicrafts. Fabindia’s products are organic, handcrafted, modern, and inexpensive.

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Fabindia is an Indian retail business that sells clothing, furniture, fabrics, and cultural items manufactured by artisans in rural India. Fabindia began as an exporter of home furnishings before expanding into domestic retail in 1976, when it established its first store in Greater Kailash, New Delhi, founded by John Bissell, an American working for the Ford Foundation in New Delhi. William Nanda Bissell, John’s son, is the company’s chairman. Fabindia had 327 outlets in India and 14 foreign stores as of July 2020.

Fabindia’s revenue in 2008 was $65 million, up 30 percent from the previous year. Fabindia derives its products from 17 community-owned businesses in India, with craftsmen and craftpeople owning a portion of the company’s stock.

Fabindia’s products are primarily obtained from villages, assisting in the provision and maintenance of rural jobs in India. Over 40,000 artists and crafters in India presently create them. Good craftsmanship is also encouraged by the handcrafted items.

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